Yoga beginners remember, persistence is victory

Yoga beginners remember, persistence is victory

Relatively speaking, yoga is an exercise that is not easy to give up halfway. Once you are exposed to yoga, you may use it for many years to come.

However, in the life of the expressway, there are still many people who “three days fishing and two days drying the nets”, which will greatly reduce the effect of practice.

Making your practice a habit and finding some tips to make it easy to implement is the core of perseverance.

Remember, persistence is victory!


People who practice fitness together know that when they go to the gym with friends, everyone is more interested and more motivated.

If you can practice yoga with your family or someone, be sure to organize it.

Especially with my family, there are many exercises in yoga that are suitable for men and children. Many parents report that after practicing yoga with their children, the parent-child relationship is more harmonious.

The family supports each other, encourages each other, and enjoys it together.


Choosing a variety of body positions will adapt to a certain form of exercise after a few weeks.

This period of time is the “exercise cycle”. After this period, it is difficult to obtain significant results unless you make it.

Yoga has a natural advantage in this regard. There are endless asanas, and there are several options for the same effect. Practice in turn, and don’t be afraid to fade.


Those who ensure a certain exercise frequency are only 1-2 times a week who are more likely to quit halfway than 3-4 times a week.

Because fitness frequency can affect your fitness persistence more than fitness time or exercise style.

If you can’t practice yoga every day, you can do it every other day or every other day. Be sure to maintain a roughly uniform frequency.


Suggested alternatives Unexpected situations often have the opportunity to interrupt your practice plan. You don’t need to feel guilty about missing one or two exercises, but don’t worry about missing it again and again.

Take a backup plan to keep your practice going. For example, outdoor exercises were originally arranged and can be carried out indoors; exercises that were originally planned in the morning can be changed to evening exercises.

Yoga is not very demanding on the venue. As long as there is a yoga mat, everything else is easy to handle.

Even when doing housework, there are many actions that can be performed simultaneously while watching TV.


Setting a Goal for Yourself Setting a goal can help you better maintain your connection.

The short-term goals should be short-term, concrete and realistic, and if you easily reach this goal, you should set the goal higher and check it every month to ensure that there is no right direction.


Research recording your progress has found that people who stick to a diet or keep a fitness log are more likely to lose weight.

The same is true for yoga practice. Records can help you look back and establish new goals.

The extent to which people who have a recording habit progress.


Try the “mini” exercise anytime, anywhere.

If you have too little time, you can only take 10-15 minutes to exercise every day to keep your body in a good state.

You can choose to practice yoga breathing for 5 minutes in the early morning, or if you have some asana, although you only do micro-exercise once a day, it will help strengthen your fitness habits.Helps to lose excess weight.


Learn to set aside time for fitness to post a post-it note on your computer, or set an alarm to let it remind you to exercise at a fixed time every day.

When you do the same thing at the same time every day, you can gradually develop a habit.

Once a fixed pattern is formed, daily fitness is as important as eating and sleeping.

People who work out in the morning will get better results than those who work out in the afternoon or at night, because people will be more concentrated in the morning and have more energy. You should find the best time to exercise.
Encourage yourself to “adhere to sports and fitness for a year and go on a trip”, and learn to reward yourself in this way.

Compared with people who never reward themselves, they often reward their bodybuilders, and the time of insisting on regular fitness is twice as long as those who do not reward themselves.

Anything important in life can be combined with fitness.