9 Tips For Your Fitness Diet Plan

9 Tips For Your Fitness Diet Plan

In addition to going to the gym, nutrition planning is also a very important part. You may be panicked when you first hear the terms tibia, protein ratio, nutrients, etc. We don’t actually need to be confused by these proper nouns to get nutritionThe plan is like a scientist’s experiment in the laboratory. The diet plan is very lifelike. Follow these 9 tips to slowly move from the original life to a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Record your diet. It is important to record your diet for a week. This is the basis for future adjustments. Even if you plan to ask a coach or nutritionist, they will not be able to understand which nutrients you should eat more and which should be eaten less.As the basis for adjustment.

  2. Natural foods are the best. The raw foods are as good as possible. Foods that have been processed artificially will have foods that are well-defined.

  3. Drinking sugar-free beverages Drinking more water is healthy, but we occasionally want to drink some flavored beverages, but sugary beverages are not a wise choice. At this time, you can switch to sugar-free beverages, black coffee, and sugar-free green tea.Has its unique flavor, but also excludes sugar.

The secret feeling of sugar adds to your extra extra, and you will be very happy, especially sugary drinks, drink one cup, and drink the calories together.

  4. Do not avoid pregnant women who eat healthy. Avoid pregnant women. Pregnant women are important to the human body and protein and some of the same. They can provide energy, protect organs, help absorb and absorb hormones, and choose healthy fats to eat.

  5, look at the nutrition table of the belly, there is always the power to know it, in order to own the body, the body must understand the body absorbs nutrients.

  6, eat more fruits and vegetables can improve your immunity, and provide you with vitamins and minerals, as well as unique plant antioxidants, how to eat fruits and vegetables?

It’s just that the rich fruits and vegetables are all eaten.

  7, eat more protein, eat more fish and fish have high-quality protein and rich good guys, in addition to strengthening the brain, can also increase immunity.

  8, eat protein before bed, especially slowly released protein, such as casein, so that when you sleep all night, there are sufficient amino acids in the body, so that after training, you can continue to gain muscle during sleep.

  9, enhanced training If your diet has been adjusted, this means that you have a better body for stronger training, stronger training allows you to gain more muscle and lose fat faster.