Tiange just came Paka again!


Strong typhoon hits in succession, how to prevent disease health?

“Tiange” just came “Paka” again!
Strong typhoon hits in succession, how to prevent disease health?

Some time ago, the typhoon “Tiange” landed in southern Guangdong, Fujian, and the gusts in the coastal areas of Guangdong were 9 to 12, and the winds in some areas reached 13 to 17.

Only four days apart, Typhoon Paka landed on the coastal area of Taishan, Guangdong, causing a strong offset in series, and the rainfall will far exceed that of 鈥淭iange鈥?

The two typhoons were short-lived and historically very rare, and their destructive power and impact were enormous.

The meteorological disaster such as typhoon will bring great destructive power to public facilities and urban traffic, and even cause casualties.

And accompanied by strong corrosion, affecting people’s normal travel and safety.

The typhoon is coming, we must pay attention to prevent some things?

Diseases to be noticed after typhoon[Food Hygiene]Food: To be cooked thoroughly, raw and cooked separately; Tableware: must be cleaned and disinfected before use, wash hands before eating; these things can not be eaten: do not eat spoilage or be soaked by floodFood that has passed; do not eat leftovers, sick and dead poultry, aquatic products; do not eat leftovers, do not eat cold food; do not eat food stalls to eat food stalls.

[Drinking water hygiene]Do not drink raw water, only drink safe water: boiled water or bottled water that meets hygienic standards, bottled water; water-filling appliances: must be clean, and often emptied and cleaned; treated temporarily into well water, river water, lake water, pond water, etc.: must be disinfected; turbidity, pollution, water must be added to the staff to supplement and then disinfected; replacement of disinfectant (bleaching tablets, disinfection effervescent tablets) placement: must be placedAvoid light, dry, cool (such as tightening the cap with a brown bottle); tap water pipe or faucet is contaminated and treated: After draining, the wiring should be fully cleaned, and the surface of the faucet should be wiped and disinfected with chlorine disinfectant.

[Ceramic vector control]Anti-mosquito, anti-mosquito: installation of screen doors, screens, mosquito nets and other anti-mosquito and fly facilities in the home; recommended use of mosquito-repellent incense, aerosol cans, fly swatters and other household anti-mosquito measures;It should be equipped with a mosquito-proof cap, long-sleeved pants, and a repellent for the exposed area.

Rodenticides: High-efficiency and safe anticoagulant rodenticides should be used to kill rats; after the rodent control, the dead rats should be searched in time, and the rats should be buried or burned intensively; the rodents will die or migrate, and their surface parasites will escape or escape.Therefore, at the same time as the rodent control, insecticides should be sprayed at the resettlement sites of the residents to eliminate parasites such as free cockroaches leaving the mouse body, and the rodents should be destroyed.

When the number of vector organisms such as mosquitoes and mice is abnormally increased, it is necessary to report to the local government departments in time.

[Hand cleaning]Carelessly rubbing your eyes; personal towels and washbasins should be used alone; if you have to share the washbasin with patients with acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis (commonly known as pink eye), you should let healthy people use it first, after the patient,Wash the washbasin with soap and use it with disinfectant.

[Preventing skin ulceration]Keep your skin clean and dry, and wipe your sweat with a towel; you can pour a few powders on the wrinkles of the skin; every 1 hour when you work in the water?
Take a break for 2 hours, dry your feet and dry in the sun for a while.

Every time you leave the water, you must wash your feet and wear dry shoes. When you find that the skin of the feet is ruptured and there is a tendency to increase, if you are allowed to do so, you should wear long boots.

If you have foot skin disease, you should avoid wading.

After the typhoon, the diet has a diet. In the season of wind and evil, the diet should be light. It is recommended to use some dehumidifying soups such as red beans and white lentils when drinking soup. You can also drink some winter melon soup.

The typhoon season has always brought about the “small peak” of respiratory diseases. When you simmer soup, you can properly supplement the lily, white fungus, medlar, almond, alfalfa, Sydney and other clean ingredients to help raise the lungs and protect the lungs.

1, lily almond red bean porridge material: lily, almond, red bean amount (depending on the population); practice: put together to cook porridge; effect: can nourish yin and raise lung, apply to lung yin deficiency, virtual fire vigorously embolism.
2, cane juice Huaishan paste material: 100 ml of sugar cane juice, 100 grams of yam.

Practice: smash the yam yam, add sugar cane juice, put the pot in the water and stew and take it; effect: can spleen and lung, solid essence and kidney, suitable for bronchial patients with lung, spleen and kidney deficiency.

3, Tremella Sydney 缇?material: 5 grams of white fungus, 10 grams of Sydney, 50 grams of rock sugar; practice: put the white fungus Sydney into the pot, add some water, simmer for 2-3 hours, add rock sugar, until the silver ear Sydney stewed: It has the function of moistening the lungs and replenishing the qi and clearing the intestines. It is suitable for people with both qi and yin deficiency and frail and sick.

Summarizing the typhoon weather will have a big impact on our lives.

In the face of natural disasters, we need everyone to protect themselves, help those around us, face together and tide over the difficulties.