Self-cultivation qualities of successful people

Self-cultivation qualities of successful people

Self-cultivation is practice, self-investment, and the courage to fight against self.

  If a person does not have the qualities of self-cultivation, even if he has all other qualities of a successful person, it is worthless and it is impossible to become a successful person.

Because, even if you have the desire to promote yourself, even if you are in the best condition, even if you predict to climb to the South Pole, if you do not persevere in cultivation, you will never be able to achieve your goals.

  Our daily successes and failures experience are confirming and supporting our current self-image.

You continue to pay attention to maintaining and demonstrating “Who are you” today. By insisting on this for a few years, you have formed a stable self-image, and gradually become accustomed to this image and use it as your own stable internal standard.

  Our habit begins with unintentional observation, hints and experience of details, it is like a spider web with a little content, so that the practice grows up, accumulates, and matures.

Imagination and emotions merge until they become an unbreakable chain.

Habit develops from the net to the iron chain, and it controls your daily life.

  Self-cultivation can cultivate or break a habit.

It can make a lasting change in your self-image or thought and help you reach your goals.

Self-cultivation tells you repeatedly with words, pictures, ideas, and emotions that you are winning every important personal victory.

In the final analysis, self-cultivation is a kind of self-suggestion and a thought practice.

  The role of self-cultivation can be illustrated by such an example.

The Reader’s Digest magazine has covered the story of a middle school basketball team in previous years.

They did an experiment, divided players of similar level into two groups, and told the first group to stop practicing free shots for one month: the second group practiced for one hour every afternoon in the gym during the month; the third group did one monthHe practiced shooting for an hour every day in his imagination.

As a result, the average number of shots dropped from 39% to 37% in the first group because of no practice for one month, and the average level rose from 39% to 41% in the second group due to persistent practice in the gym.Players, the average level has increased from 39% to 42.


This is really weird!

How can practicing shooting in imagination improve faster than practicing shooting in the gym?

It’s simple, because in your imagination, all the balls you throw are hit!

This is how successful people are. In the office, the sports ground is constantly training themselves. They create or imitate every experience they want to obtain. They imitate success as if they were the first.

Winners are such people who are “same as they are.”

  Survey data show that many of the world’s great successful people are masters of psychological simulation.

They know how to keep self-cultivation in continuous improvement.

Although they sometimes don’t work, they make themselves tougher with hard work in non-stop practice.

They know that imagination is the best tool, and imagination is the world of successful people.

  Winners never give up halfway. Winners never surrender. Winners continue to encourage themselves, motivate themselves, and repeatedly practice until they succeed.

In order for you to succeed, practice the action of “Being in the Same”.

Practice before bed, practice after waking up, practice in the square, practice in the car, let success be your habit!