[Fans and what toss is delicious]_Sands recipe_How to make

[Fans and what toss is delicious]_Sands recipe_How to make

Fans are a kind of food that many people like to eat, especially in summer. Some fans of cold salad have a good effect of cooling off heat. In summer, the weather is hot, and people’s appetite is often not good.Fans have a good appetite-promoting effect. It is simple to make, tastes sour and delicious, and there are more ingredients that can be matched. Let’s take a look at what fans and cold sauces are delicious.

Vermicelli and ingredients: ginger, shallot, garlic, green and red pepper Seasoning: salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, rice vinegar, red oil making 1.

Use boiling water to swell the fans and set aside; 2.

2. Ginger, green onion, green and red pepper are shredded, garlic chopped; 3.

Add the right amount of salt to the swollen fans, add a small amount of sugar and MSG, add garlic and ginger, shredded green pepper, add the right amount of rice vinegar, and finally add the red oil and mixuniform.

Ready to eat.

Note: Some fans added aluminum potassium dodecahydrate in the process of making fans.

Excessive doped aluminum ions dope human dementia.

Therefore, although “cold fans” is a delicious appetizer to relieve heat in midsummer, it should not be eaten; but fans made by traditional crafts can be done without any additives at all, and there is no excessive dementia. Method 2Ingredients: Raw soy sauce, MSG salt, onion, vermicelli, carrot, egg skin, dried spinach, mushrooms, black and white sesame. Production steps: 1. The vermicelli is boiled and cooled with cold water; the spinach is scalded with cold water;3, shiitake mushrooms, dried bamboo shoots, cut into shreds; onions, carrots and shreds; 4, put oil in a pan, low heat, fry the onions first to scent; 5, then shred carrots, shiitakeAdd shredded bamboo shoots and stir fry for a while; 6, turn off, add the fans, shredded egg and spinach, add salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, seasoning with sesame oil, sprinkle sesame seeds, mix well.