New DIY Beauty Japanese Traditional Ingredients

New DIY Beauty Japanese Traditional Ingredients

Do not blindly pursue the magic of Japanese cosmeceuticals. In fact, the traditional Japanese beauty methods will definitely make you more surprised. Beauty people must not miss it!

Follow us to learn about the 9 traditional Japanese ingredients beauty DIY methods, there are also related word-of-mouth items recommended, choose your favorite!

  Sake, laver, radish . Don’t think that the editor recommends your health recipes. In fact, these traditional Japanese ingredients are also the best DIY items for skin care!

Let’s understand together!

  1 Japanese sake cleansing method: add a little Japanese sake to warm water, and after removing makeup, gently wash the face.

It can circulate blood, prevent skin aging, penetrate deep into pores, remove dirt, and keep skin smooth and smooth.

  Related single product recommendation: NATURE Beautyeasy second-generation sake flour mask 120 yuan / 250ml wine flour contains ingredients[[Aspergillus]]is a natural active yeast, which can inhibit the activity of tyrosine, replace wheatThe mechanism of the formation of Lanin pigment; it makes the skin clear and fair, and can promote skin metabolism, improve facial oiliness, acne skin, dull skin, enlarged pores, etc., because rich pitera can make skin smoothmeticulous.
  2 salt washing method: put the edible salt on the palm of the hand, add some warm water to the palm of the hand, make the salt slowly become hands, and then gently massage and wash in a circular shape throughout the body.

Salt itself has a natural bactericidal effect, and has effects on exfoliation and whitening.

  Related items recommended: Takada Kenshin Cool Day Cream 640 yuan / 50ml cream and KENZOKI’s unique ginger flower herbal essence, during the extraction process, the plant is not chemically treated, so it retains the most natural essence of the extract, Such as mineral salts, trace elements and essential oils.

In addition, it also contains a variety of vital ingredients to supplement the skin: liftline ○ R has a firming effect, Indian leaf extract and Magnalys can promote skin regeneration, and moisturizing factors nourish the skin.

In the end, the sweet ginger flower aroma has a positive effect on people’s emotions and positive effects.

Suitable for normal and complex skin.

  3 Tofu wipe method: The specific method is very simple: crush the tofu in a thin gauze bag, wash it and put it on the face after rubbing.

Or you can add some flour and honey to the crushed tofu, and then apply it to the flakes. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash it off to achieve skin rejuvenation.

  Related single product recommendation: Shana Soymilk Beauty Cleansing Cleansing Foam 120 yuan / 150g soy brassin ingredient can highly moisturize, after washing the skin still feels smooth and elastic, no fragrance, no pigment and mineral oil ingredients, mild nature.

Japan’s No. 1 popular skincare product, developed by adding collagen and pure natural tofu extract.

Can make skin delicate and fair, effective skin beauty.

It is a pure natural skin care product, without fragrance, mineral oil and coloring.

  4 Milk bath: Pour fresh milk into the bath water and keep the water temperature around 50 to 60. It is better to add some honey.

It can improve poor metabolism, has a good moisturizing effect on the skin, and can also be used to treat peeling skin.

  Related single product recommendation: No added cheese moisturizing mask 210 yuan / 10g * 4 milk protein moisturizing mask, designed for dry skin, just apply 10-15 minutes to get professional beauty effect.

Aloe vera and kiwi fruit extract can highly moisturize and lock water. It can also remove scars, exfoliate and improve rough skin.

  5 lemon bath: collect the orange peel after consumption, and store it in the sun.

Before taking a bath, just put the dried orange peel in a cotton bag and soak it in bath water.

The citrus bath is better to soak in the winter. It has a warming effect, which can keep the body warm and suitable for people with cold constitutions.

  Related single product recommendation: Genuo Citrus Gentle Moisturizing Cream 280 yuan / 40ml refreshing moisturizing cream, suitable for young people’s skin, with a unique citrus fragrance, including SPF8.

Due to the anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and nourishing effects of citrus extract, the skin is radiant.

  6 Radish bath: first dry the radish, cut into thin strips after drying, and put it into a cotton bag for bathing.

It has the same effect on treating cold body and citrus bath.

Multi-purpose: make carrot weight loss juice, squeeze a cup of carrot juice with a fruit and vegetable juicer, drink 1 or 2 times a day, drink before meals, do not have to control your diet.

  Related items recommended: Ou Jia Neon Carrot Cleansing Cleansing Cream 495 yuan / 70ml suitable for any skin mild cleansing products can make you have healthy and shiny skin, including waterproof mascara).

Antioxidant carrots and shea crumbs make skin smooth and delicate. Chamomile, rosemary and lavender all soothe and smooth pores.

  7 tea bath: put used or already inedible tea leaves, tea bags into cotton bags, used to soak in the bath.

  Tea will emit a charming tea fragrance, which can not only eliminate fatigue, but also help blood flow, and easily achieve beauty and health benefits.

  Related single product recommendations: Elizabeth Arden’s Trio Cleansing Gel 215 yuan / 125ml has three functions of cleansing, conditioning and exfoliation, adding the power of green tea, cleansing, conditioning, and exfoliation can be completed quickly and simultaneously.

Mild particles can metabolize aging keratin, while green tea extract can soothe and protect the environment from harm, leaving skin fresh and clean and retaining the fragrance of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea.

  8 Lemon bath: Put a whole lemon slice into a cotton bag and use it as a bath.It stimulates the skin’s microvasculature and promotes the movement of blood. Proper vitamin C is a combination of beauty and health.

  Whitening wonderful product: After taking the white lemon afternoon tea, remove the flesh of the green lemon and add ice cubes to transform it into a coagulated shape.

Together with aloe vera made from aloe vera.

  Related single product recommendation: Little Bee Lemon Armor (Canned) 130 yuan / 17g to soften the crusts of the finger edges and strengthen the repair of dry and easily broken nails, increase their effectiveness, and restore the nails to their natural and healthy lusterEspecially the fragrant lemon flavor is an irresistible favorite and has been a popular product of Burt’s Bees.

Generally used after removing nail polish and daily care.

  9 Seaweed maintenance method: Seaweed has very high nutritional value. Many Japanese women eat a pack of seaweed every morning, because seaweed contains very high iron, vitamin C, and carotene.

  Learn to learn: how Koreans eat seaweed South Korea’s most famous is seaweed rice, and there are Korean shops that make seaweed rice in Nanjing City.