Eating eggs helps control weight and protect eyes

Eating eggs helps control weight and protect eyes

According to the Xinhua News Agency, British researchers said that eggs can promote health and fight obesity, which is a “super food”.

Nutritionists recommend that people eat one egg a day for best results.

Researchers say a medium-sized egg contains less than 80 calories.

The British government ‘s recently released historical archives show that Mrs Thatcher had lost weight by eating 28 eggs a week in 1979.

Nutritionist Laxton said: “Eating eggs regularly is good for health, and there is growing evidence that eggs are good for controlling weight and promoting eye health.

“People previously thought that eating up to three eggs per week, and eating one egg a day, would lead to high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

But British researchers have found that foods contain a variety of substances that can affect plasma levels, the main ones of which are saturated fatty acids in meat.

The British Egg Industry Association says that for most people, eating one or two eggs a day does not cause elevated plasma.

Laxton said: “The restrictions on egg consumption have been lifted, and the day when people eat an egg and go to work will come again.