Women’s most profitable occupations

Women’s most profitable occupations

First, public relations and public relations is a “traditional advantage project” for girls, and it is also a profound knowledge in modern social and economic life.

Traditionally, girls have greater public relations advantages than boys: the ability to express, communicate, and coordinate is stronger and more emotional than boys.

In the era of increasingly competitive knowledge economy, in the era of eyeball economy, public relations is more important than ever. Ms. Senior Public Relations always fly around the world, do special topics for major companies, organize training, and evenCorporate strategy consulting, liaison with the government, etc., become one of the most dazzling white-collar girls.

  Second, human resources are abroad, there is no administrative experience, only personnel manager, who specializes in managing the company’s administrative affairs, personnel arrangements, staff assessment training, the establishment of the company’s personnel system, benefit distribution system, etc.Checked.

The depth of system reform and economic development in the country, and the development and management of human resources are getting more and more attention. For a modern enterprise, the most important thing is not whether the funds can be accumulated, not whether there is a group of people who have the knowledge and ability to live with the enterprise.Employees who died together, and the unique affinity and appeal of women made them more competent as personnel managers.

  Third, the media can now be called the media age. Any trend can spread to every corner of the world overnight, so that the media celebrities are all purple. From CCTV ‘s “Variety of Grand Views” to Ni Ping,Li Xiang, one of the pillars of the “Happy Camp” of Hunan Satellite TV, from the film’s richest woman, Liu Xiaoqing, to Yang Lan, who had previously worked for the media and later drove the media, girls have always been a beautiful and beautiful scenery in the media.Naturally, their income cannot be earned by ordinary people for decades.

  Fourth, white-collar workers in foreign companies Strictly speaking, white-collar workers in foreign companies are not a profession, but a general term for a variety of occupations. They generally refer to those who hold senior or middle-ranking positions in multinational companies.Yangwen comes casually; they wear different clothes and elegant suits of different grades, dress lightly and thickly, and enter high-end office buildings; their income is several to dozens of times that of ordinary domestic staff.The income should range from 7,000 to tens of thousands to tens of thousands, if the annual salary system continues to be higher.

The representative of this category is the former Wu Shihong. When Microsoft was the general manager of China, she gained both fame and fortune and enjoyed the crown of “Working Queen”, so that many girls took her as an example and vowed to be as good as her.

  Fifth, the CPA is an industry that competes with boys for rice bowls. At present, the ratio of men to women is about half to half.

Although girls account for only half of the country, the prospects of the entire industry are very promising, and the market gap is very large.

The statistics of the CPA exam in recent years can clearly explain the problem. In 2001, each subject passed the exam (the passing percentage is as follows: Accounting 5.)

7%, audit 13.

6%, finance 9.

27%, economic law 7.

96%, tax law 6.

81%, the proportion of all five subjects passed at one time is only 0.

36% is the state’s strict control over the quality of certified public accountants, but it must also be stated that certified public accountants are an out-of-the-box “close sale.”

  6. Insurance brokers, like insurance agents, purchase insurance policies or introduce insurance business on behalf of insurers, and gradually establish insurance contracts.

The difference is that the insurance agent negotiates insurance business with the policyholder on behalf of the insurance company. The commission of the insurance broker is generally paid by the insurer, that is, the insurance company. Its main forms are insurance broker commission, solicitation commission, and special ownership.

The average annual salary of American insurance brokers is about 200,000 to 300,000 US dollars, which belongs to the high-paying income industry.

With China’s accession to the WTO, the insurance industry will open up, and insurance brokers and corresponding salary levels will gradually become universal, which is a good time for girls to show their ambitions.

  Seven, professional managers and girls as professional managers are tiger mouth chop-this is always the domain of boys.

But more and more girls have entered the industry in recent years.

The goal of a professional manager’s life seems to be to be a manager in various large companies, and he can’t stay here.

Jerry, a female middle school in this industry, said that Wu Shihong is one. Dong Mingzhu, general manager of Gree Air Conditioning, is one. In some large joint-stock companies, the annual salary of the deputy general manager reaches 500,000 to 600,000 yuan.Management personnel can also reach 300,000 to 400,000 yuan.

  8. Financial banking The financial banking industry is regarded as one of the monopoly industries in China. The salaries of ordinary employees are high above the national average salary. It is not easy to enter the industry.

After joining the WTO, a monopoly breakthrough, a large amount of foreign capital entering, and a large number of investors entering, will inevitably bring a lot of talents, and will inevitably drive the industry’s salary level. According to forecasts, the average annual salary of key employees is about 60,000 yuan, middleThe annual salary of management talents is 200,000-300,000 yuan. The annual salary of senior management talents can reach more than 500,000 yuan, even reaching the 1 million yuan mark.

  Nine, sports stars Boys have sports stars, girls also have sports stars, and this industry is one of the rare industries that do not commit wells.

Gymnastics, swimming, diving, etc. have always been popular among girls and will continue to be popular in the next few years.

There is still a certain gap between their usual employment of men’s football players, but once they win a world championship, in addition to the club’s bonus, the National Sports Administration’s bonus of 100,000 and 200,000, there are various corporate sponsorships and rewards.Ten million, and the ad revenue that comes with it makes these bonuses worthless to mention-but the uncertainty in this industry is also the most prominent; who can guarantee that there will be a day of success?

  X. Film and television stars Film and television stars do not need to say more, boys and girls are the most loyal star chaser, stars have been flying around at home and abroad for many years, singing and jumping in various media, how many people have become popularEyes!

Their explicit income may not actually be regarded as the highest, but the hidden income is about no one else’s, such as those who walk into caves, tax evasion, advertising income, etc. No one knows how much money they have, and only theirs are in the media.Luxury cars-but here I want to repeat an old saying; gentlemen love money, and make sense-this industry also has a problem of uncertainty: not “innate resources” can become a star.