The old man is irritated in the summer to relax temporarily

The old man is irritated in the summer to relax temporarily

Emotional instability, worry about irritability, nervousness, depression, love and anger. Many old people come to the summer, often have summer irritability symptoms, which may be related to autonomic dysfunction.

  Autonomic dysfunction is a syndrome of visceral dysfunction.

Including the symptoms of circulatory system, digestive system function or sexual dysfunction, mostly caused by psychosocial factors, some of the physiological functions of the human body are temporarily dysfunctional, and neuroendocrine has a related change in tissue structure rather than pathological changes.

  The ever-changing autonomic dysfunction According to the “Health Fortune” weekly report, there are many symptoms of autonomic dysfunction, which can be described as ever-changing symptoms of symptoms that patients describe to doctors.

The most common symptoms are psychiatric symptoms, nervous system symptoms, heart symptoms and chronic symptoms.

Most patients have mental symptoms, while the symptoms of other systems vary from person to person: some have only heart symptoms, some have certain symptoms of the nervous system, and some have symptoms of various systems.Very few people have only one particular symptom.

  Psychiatric symptoms: emotional instability, worry about irritability, nervousness, depression, love, fear, fear, sensitivity, suspicious, grievance, crying, pessimistic disappointment, no pleasure, no desire to see, do not want to talk, do not pay attention to anything, see whatNot happy, suppressing distress, and even consciously living is boring.

  Nervous system symptoms: headache, dizziness, head swelling, dullness, head tightening, heavy pressure, dizziness, numbness; pain in both eyes, dryness, blurred vision; heavy and uncomfortable limbs, fatigue, weakness and discomfortThe uncomfortable feeling of being incomprehensible; the back of the neck is tight and heavy, the limbs are numb, the skin is numb, itchy; the hands and feet are hot, the skin around the body is hot, but the body temperature is normal, the whole body is hot and sweaty; the whole body has migratoryPain, abnormal walking feeling and other symptoms; difficulty falling asleep, shallow sleep, early morning dreams; forgetfulness, memory loss, inattention, slow response.

  Cardiac symptoms: chest tightness, shortness of breath, suffocation, palpitation, sudden death and other cardiac neurosis.

  Gastrointestinal symptoms: no appetite, eating tasteless, indigestion; nausea, snoring, heartburn, vomiting, hiccups; abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, diarrhea; long sigh, throat sputum.

  Others include a variety of symptoms such as dysmenorrhea, night sweats and so on.

  Relaxation therapy can help to “get out of chaos”. Irregular life, emotional depression, and excessive fatigue are the main causes of autonomic dysfunction. Therefore, people with normal working hours, high pressure and introverted personality should pay special attention to prevent autonomic dysfunction.

Chen Rugui, deputy director of the Department of Neurology, Shuguang Hospital, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that in general, autonomic dysfunction is not a serious disease, and it has little effect on health, so you don’t have to worry about illness and worry too much. You should learn.Some methods that can relax the mental mood, in the relaxed state, are more conducive to disturbing nerves to restore normal function.

  Exercise relaxation method: try to carry out some outdoor activities as much as possible. Don’t be ignorant at home, and take part in physical exercise, such as walking, playing badminton, swimming, etc.

Outdoor activities and exercise can even breathe fresh air. It can also regulate the autonomic nerves through various activities to achieve the purpose of psychological pleasure and relieve nervous nerves.

  Talk about relaxation: It is also very important to conduct psychological evacuation in a timely manner.

When you are upset, don’t lie in your heart, but you should find ways to get out of it, you can adjust yourself, you can also talk to a friend, or cry out, and evacuate the psychological depression, it will be a lot easier.
This is also good for mental health care.

  Regular law: cultivate good living habits, regular diet and food, fully contribute to good health, and cultivate a good state of mind.

Eat regularly, must eat breakfast, not overeating; drinking should be moderate, not greedy; early sleep early, time should be regular; watching TV at night should be selective, do not sit for hours, watching TV, do more activities, watch TV to wash your face; do not sleep late in the morning, try to get up early, to participate in some activities.