Healthy charging nap is the best way

Healthy charging “nap” is the best way

The “snoring” in summer is because the summer days are short and the nights are long, and the summer nights are hot and unbearable, which affects the quality of sleep.It causes drowsiness. In addition, because of work or lifestyle, many people lack the regular rules of daily life, often stay up late and lack sleep.
  Especially after lunch, in order to ensure the digestion and absorption of food, most of the body’s blood flows to the digestive system, and the blood in the brain is relatively reduced. After working or studying in the morning, the brain cells are also in a fatigued state.Lethargy.
  This drowsiness during midday is the performance of normal sleep and awake biological rhythms. It is adjusted by siesta. Siesta can compensate for lack of sleep at night, which can relax and rest the human brain and various systems of the body, which is more beneficial to the afternoon, Work or study at night.
  Siesta is therefore called an optimal “healthy charging” method, which has the following effects: First, during the siesta, the human sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves have the opposite effect to the original, thereby slowing the body’s metabolism.Decreased body temperature, slower breathing, slowed pulse, decreased myocardial oxygen consumption, reduced heart consumption and arterial pressure, and can also make the heart-related hormone secretion more balanced. These have a good effect on controlling blood pressure and are beneficial to the heart.Health, reduce the incidence of heart disease such as myocardial infarction.
  Second, improve the body’s immune function and enhance the body’s resistance to disease.
Insufficient sleep will cause the body’s fatigue. If this is the case for a long time, it will enter a vicious cycle. Although there are no obvious organic lesions, the body’s immune function is weakened and its resistance is reduced, which leads to an increase in factors that cause disease.
  Then, raise the brain and strengthen the spirit.
After a morning of study or work, the brain is in a state of fatigue. Siesta can not only compensate for the lack of sleep at night, but also relax and rest the human brain and various systems of the body, which can make people energetic, responsive, and emotionally good.
  Although siesta is a good way to promote health, but also pay attention to methods, otherwise the effect will be counterproductive.
Generally do not sleep immediately after meals, do not sleep or lie on the table, do not sleep for too long, generally about 1 hour is more appropriate, the longest not more than one and a half hours.