Smart women must know winter whitening meal_1

Smart women must know winter whitening meal

Winter whitening has become an important part of many women’s winter skin care classes. A single whitening can only be limited to a single size such as faded spots. Real whitening also needs to add a heavy effect to make the fair and perfect skin perfect.

To become a whitening smart woman in winter, not only whitening, but also double-effect whitening!

  Whitening + moisturizing is the eternal theme. Once the skin is full of moisture, almost all skin problems can be solved.

Of course, if you want to be a beautiful heroine, moisturizing is essential.

There is a saying in China that covering all ugliness with whiteness shows how important white and tender skin is.

The combination of the two will whiten the skin while maintaining long-lasting moisturization.

Achieve two goals in one shot Pond’s timeless whitening and whitening moisturizing cream breaks through the innovative 3D shrinkage barrier, creating a full-time timeless whitening, specially containing VAO-B and 90% moisture factor, with dual breakthrough effects: 1, breakthrough whitening, in-depth resistance to colorSpots, blemishes.

2. Break through the hydration and let your skin drink water!

  90% hydrating factor unique active moisturizing ingredients directly hydrate the skin.

Helps skin lock in moisture, resists water loss, and makes every cell plump like water.

  Experiments prove that the new Pond’s Flawless Whitening White Water Moisturizer can stand the test of time and provide long-lasting moisturization.

  Recommended index: ★★★★★ Whitening + Exfoliating Our skin will metabolize itself every day. The cells produced by the basal layer will slowly reach the surface of the skin and then become the stratum corneum. The keratinization cycle of the skin is usually about 28 days.Because of factors such as environment, season, ultraviolet rays, and abnormal work and rest, sometimes the metabolism becomes slow, so the thicker and thicker the stratum corneum on our skin surface is, the more the horny layer accumulates, and it will be allowed to make the skin feel no transparency, andIt loses its original elasticity, so fixed and proper exfoliation can remove dandruff and make the skin more transparent.

Removes the cuticles from the skin surface, restores the transparency and beauty of the job, and makes the whitening effect more prominent.

  Garnier Pure Whitening Whitening Moisturizing Emulsion Product Features: Significant effects, containing gentian root extract, pure lemon extract, vitamin C and moisturizing ingredients, help gently exfoliate and eliminate surface dullness.

Suppresses melanin production and effectively diminishes pigmentation.

Moisturizes the skin.

  Recommended index: ★★★ ☆☆ Whitening + repairing skin Every day in modern society, air pollution receives different degrees of damage, stains, pigmentation, dull skin, and everyone understands the truthHowever, pure whitening can no longer meet the needs of modern people. The duo for whitening and repairing makes the skin return to fairness.

  Nivea Crystal Pure Whitening Day Cream Product Efficacy: Moisturizing and easy-absorbing formula contains innovative whitening ingredients: freckle whitening factor can penetrate into the skin to break down, fade melanin, lighten existing pigmentation, and inhibit melanin regeneration and pigmentation rebound.The inner is purified; the crystal pure glows particulate crystals, which enhances the skin’s light refraction, so that the skin’s white light is prominently soy soy essence, repairs skin damage caused by the external environment such as ultraviolet rays, and enhances skin resistancePower, whitening recommended index per second: ★★★★ ☆ Whitening + sun protection, not only in summer, you need to take sun protection measures throughout the year to block UVA, UVB caused skin dullness caused by skin pigmentation.

If you want to become fair, you must not forget the sun protection work!

  Olay Focus Whitening Series Sunscreen Curd Product Effect: Delicate whitening with defense and care, skin is more delicate and white, glowing!

Contains glucosamine-white complex for fine and fair skin.

Helps to effectively protect against UV rays and effectively reflects light, keeping skin white and dull.

  Recommended index: ★★★★ ☆