[Can pregnant women drink papaya milk]_Papaya milk_Pregnancy_Can you drink

[Can pregnant women drink papaya milk]_Papaya milk_Pregnancy_Can you drink

Papaya milk is a very high-nutrition drink. The amino acids in papaya and the calcium in milk are good nutrition for the human body, but because papaya in papaya has a certain effect on uterine contraction, so papayaMilk is not suitable for pregnant women.

Although papaya has so many benefits, but papaya is cold, so people with cold stomach and weak body should not eat more, otherwise it is easy to have diarrhea or cold.

Pregnant women should not eat cold food.

In addition, modern medical research has found that papaya contained in papaya can increase uterine contraction. Therefore, in order to avoid accidental abortion or premature delivery, pregnant women are advised not to eat papaya, and should not eat it raw or cooked; because unless the papaya is cookedAnd can not destroy papaya.

Therefore, papaya milk is not suitable for pregnant women.

Why pregnant women ca n’t eat papaya1. In Southeast Asian countries, local residents use papaya to prevent contraception, which shows that papaya is not good for pregnant women or fetuses.

2. Papaya contains estrogen, which easily interferes with hormonal changes in pregnant women. It not only hurts the fetus, but also induces miscarriage.

Therefore, pregnant women should not eat papaya, especially green papaya.

It should be given up completely.

3. The papaya contained in papaya will aggravate the effect of uterine contraction. Therefore, pregnant moms should not eat papaya for their own health and the safety of their babies to avoid accidental premature or miscarriage.

Some expectant mothers may suffer from fluke, saying that eating cooked papaya, in fact, pregnant or unripe papaya, should not be used by pregnant women, because even if the papaya is cooked, papaya can not be destroyed.

4, papaya is a cold fruit, stomach cold, and those who are physically weak should not eat more, otherwise it will cause stomach cold or diarrhea.

Therefore, this is one of the reasons why pregnant women cannot eat papaya.

5. Papaya damages teeth and bones.

“Medicinal herbs for diet” records that papaya damages teeth and bones and cannot be eaten too much.

During pregnancy, pregnant women are affected by the physiological aspects, the gums are easy to bleed, and the teeth themselves are prone to problems. If you eat papaya during pregnancy, it will worsen the oral problems of pregnant women, and it is not conducive to the bone development of pregnant women and fetuses.