External application of cactus juice can help treat mumps (including practice)

External application of cactus juice can help treat mumps (including practice)

Mumps, or mumps as described by Chinese medicine, is an acute respiratory infectious disease caused by mumps virus. Spring is a frequent season.

Cactus has a bitter cold taste, such as “Lingnan Collection of Medicine” Yun Qi “sexual astringent cold, non-toxic”, “Materia Medica seeking the original” cloud “Eliminate the beginning of the sores, apply it.”

Cactus has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, swelling and promoting blood circulation, and is a good medicine for treating mumps.

Today, the test formula is as follows: 1.

Detach 12 grams of cactus, 10 grams of white staff, 9 grams of borneol. After mashing and mixing, apply on the parotid gland or submandibular gland, swelling of the sublingual gland, apply clean gauze, and fix it with adhesive tape twice a day.


200 grams of fresh cactus, 50 grams of green daisies, 100 grams of raw rhubarb, red adzuki beans, 5 grams of borneol, edible rice vinegar.

First crush the raw rhubarb, red adzuki bean, and borneol into a fine powder and sieve, then mix in the green daisies, then mash the fresh cactus into a paste, mix well with the medicine and add an appropriate amount of rice vinegar.

According to the size of the swelling area of the parotid gland, evenly apply a layer of medicine, cover with gauze, fix with a bandage, and change the medicine every 3 hours.


The right amount of fresh cactus, apply mud on the parotid glands, 2?
3 hours per day?
3 times for one week.

Cactus-covered gauze should always be involved.


Fresh cactus is smashed with gypsum and applied to the affected area.


Cactus and salt are used to smash the affected area and applied with honeysuckle, 10 grams each of forsythia, Scutellaria baicalensis, Bupleurum, big green leaf, lisianthus, prunella vulgaris, horse chestnut 9 grams, 6 grams red sage, and 3 grams licorice.

Take it orally after decoction, one dose daily.


Take Fresh Cactus 1?
2 pieces, bake on electric stove, remove acupuncture, add white staff 2?
3 grams are mixed in a mortar and mashed.

Use warm boiling water to clean the skin of the double dark skin, replace the cactus paste evenly on the sterile gauze block. The replacement diameter should be larger than the swelling of the parotid gland. Cover the swollen parotid gland with sterile gauze replaced with traditional Chinese medicine.fixed.

For patients with submandibular gland enlargement, the external application area should be extended to the submandibular; for fracture parotid gland enlargement, bilateral simultaneous external application is also given, and daily dressing change is 3?
4 times, you can also increase the number of external application according to the condition, until the parotid glands return to normal.


Take two pieces of cactus to smash and smash, add 20 g of rhubarb powder and mix well, and apply the affected area externally, the area should exceed the edge of the swelling, apply gauze, adhesive tape to fix.

The dressing is changed once a day for 3 days.