Civilian diet, eliminate edema, drink glutinous rice white fungus soup


Civilian diet, eliminate edema, drink glutinous rice white fungus soup

Winter climate is cold, body basal metabolic rate is reduced, sedentary office workers are easy to face, calf edema; accumulation, dietary electrolyte imbalance, disease, drugs, physical fitness, etc. are also prone to edema, and give people a poor spirit, skin is notOk, even the impression of obesity.

In order to improve the metabolism, in addition to more exercise, eating food in the daily diet to help detoxification and edema is also an important key.

For example, “Hao Ren” has the effect of eliminating edema and skin.

銆€銆€Today, I would like to teach you a “Yinren White Fungus Soup”, which uses the hazelnut with edema and whitening skin, and the “white fungus”, which is rich in plant collagen, is basically low, because it is rich in a large amount of supplementary fiber.Helps defecation and health care intermediates, as well as increases satiety and reduces appetite.

銆€銆€銆愯枏浠佺櫧鏈ㄨ€炽€慠ecipe ingredients: white fungus 15g, coix seed 3 tablespoons, sweet potato 60g, brown sugar 10g, almond powder 5g.

銆€銆€step 1.

White fungus and coix seed soaked in water for one night.


Coix seed is cooked in hot water and added to brown sugar.


Add the white fungus after adding the sweet potato to boil.


Finally, turn off the fire and add the almond powder.

銆€銆€Ren Renren is abused as “the civilians in the Han Dynasty”, rich in vitamin B group and fiber, which can moisturize the skin, whiten and moisturize, prevent qi and blood circulation, prevent skin roughness; thus, it can also help diuretic edema and helpImproves edema-type obesity and makes skin smooth and delicate.

銆€銆€White fungus white fungus, also known as white fungus, is incorporated into fiber, can initialize health, stabilize blood sugar, and lower cholesterol; its multi-body promotes the formation of antibodies and enhances human immunity.

White fungus is a sacred product for beauty and beauty. It contains special gelatin and rich plant-based collagen. It can often replenish the gelatin lost by the skin and increase the skin’s water retention.

銆€銆€Sweet potato sweet potato is rich in vitamin A, which can activate skin cells and fight dryness. It is a great food for beauty and skin care.

The sweet potato also moisturizes the skin and smoothes the rough skin.

銆€銆€Black sugar brown sugar has low refinement, so it retains high nutritional value. It contains high levels of vitamin B, C, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and other minerals required by the human body. It also has a warm-up effect, which helps promote blood circulation.Spleen and warm stomach; brown sugar water can be passed before menstruation, menstruation, menstruation, help to promote blood circulation, relieve pain.

銆€銆€Healthy sputum: Insufficient sputum helps to reduce swelling and beauty, but women and pregnant women who are in the menstrual period should avoid eating, so as to avoid the lack of water, leading to lack of water in the goats, leading to miscarriage.

Renyi makes the body cold and cold, and women who are cold in constitution are not suitable for long-term consumption. As a result, if the coix seed has mildew or strange smell, it may contain aflatoxin, causing severe deterioration due to eating panic, and even causing liver cancer.edible.

In addition, the sugar contained in the coix seed has a high viscosity, and eating too much can hinder digestion, and must be paid more attention.