Tips to correct your child’s nail biting

Tips to correct your child’s nail biting

Human hands touch the outside world the most, especially children. Out of curiosity, they always like to touch here, scratch, and even crawl on the ground. There will be a lot of bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms in the nail seams and fingertips.

The nail seam is a place that is conducive to the growth of bacteria. The eggs can survive in the nail seam for many days.

When a child bites his nails, he will unknowingly bring a large number of germs into the cavity and body.

  Frequent biting of nails will harm children’s teeth, cause uneven tooth distribution, etc., and affect the appearance of children.

Biting nails can also cause deformity of the nails, damage the nail bed, cause bleeding or infection, and even cause paronychia.

  At present, many children in China have high levels of lead in their bodies. In addition to atmospheric lead pollution, children will be contaminated with lead when they play with toys, and will eat lead when they bite their nails.To a certain extent helps reduce lead implantation.

  Children’s love to bite their nails often causes a kind of psychological emotions, such as tension, depression, depression, inferiority, and hostility. The root cause may be insufficient attention or lack of security.

Some children, because their nails are often criticized and reprimanded by teachers and parents, will in turn cause tension and anxiety.

  Psychological therapy and behavior correction can be used to correct the bad habits of children biting their nails.

Patient persuasion and encouragement are the mainstays. We must follow the good temptation and give more attention to the children’s psychology in order to eliminate the factors that cause children’s tension.

Guide children to participate in more entertainment activities and make more friends.

To cultivate good hygiene habits for children, supplement nails as usual. For older children, tell them the dangers of biting nails through reasoning.

  Correcting a child’s nail biting problem requires a process. The younger the age, the better the correction. Therefore, parents should correct the nail biting problem as soon as possible.

Parents must have patience and confidence, never corporal punishment, not loud reprimand, do not forcefully pull the child’s finger away from the corner of the mouth, this may increase the child’s habit of biting their nails subconsciously.