Eat instant noodles and fattening


Eat instant noodles and fattening

When he was a soldier, a corporal brother was transferred to the battalion commander at the gate of the barracks. The work was quite easy.

Without knowing what was going on in his head, he started a bubble-faced fattening battle.

In addition to the fixed 3 meals, between lunch and dinner, plus a bowl of instant noodles between lunch and dinner.

That is to say, he ate 6 meals a day. In 3 months, he was from 16x cm, 70kg of ordinary body fat to 80kg.

Most people worry that there is preservative in the instant noodles. It is wrong to eat more mummies.

Because instant noodles are products that are sold quickly, they don’t accumulate for a long time. They don’t need long-term anti-corrosion. As long as they can be preserved in the short term, it is enough.

Therefore, some products use vitamin E to achieve antiseptic effect, while the noodles have antiseptic effect after being fried, and the seasoning package can also be preserved and filtered by vacuum packaging.

The phrase “a food company and the packaging method itself can achieve anti-corrosion effect, why do you add preservatives?”

Preservatives are also asking for money.”

So preservatives have long been a problem with instant noodles.

Where is the problem with the instant noodles?

In order to satisfy the taste of the people, the instant noodle manufacturers are enough. The result is that even the people who are not so heavy taste pour the seasoning into the bowl, so everyone’s taste becomes heavier.

This will lead to excessive sodium intake, which is closely related to high blood pressure.

It is recommended that the normal person’s sodium intake should not exceed 2300 mg per day.

For an ordinary meal, the sodium content of each meal is about 200?
400 mg.

In a reasonable range, the sodium content of a can of juice is about 10?
30 mg, a soy bread with a sodium content of approximately 140 mg.

But what about the sodium content of the instant noodles?

Scared to death, a bowl is more than 1000 mg, and even up to nearly 2200 mg.

That is to say, after eating a bowl of fragrant instant noodles, the amount of sodium in one day will almost reach the top.

If you want to be like the brother of 6 meals a day, then the amount of sodium you eat every day can be as high as 5000 mg.

If this continues, high blood pressure will come to be friends.

So, you can eat instant noodles, but you must pay attention.

Add a little bit of seasoning bag, don’t pour all the whole into the bowl, eat less soup and reduce the amount of sodium absorbed.

It is important to increase fat and health is more important.